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Why protective glue? The manufacturer tell you!

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
Protective film in the use process, due to not professional to choose to use membrane, it is easy to cause protective film residue. There are two main reasons: one at the beginning, human factors, protective film, look very simple, is not just a thin piece of plastic, irresponsible newcomer is easy to have such idea, thought just a kind of membrane can meet the needs of the sticker to protect their products. There is also a lot of professional knowledge. Such as: process in high temperature circumstances need high temperature resistant protective film; Sticker before be sure to keep the sticker no grease, banana oil, such as chemical residues, otherwise it is easy to cause residual react with glue, degumming phenomenon and so on. Second, the internal factors according to the pressure sensitive adhesive glue residue on the protected surface and base material, coating glue phenomenon can be divided into the following three cases: ( 1) Cohesion damage: protected surface and substrate have a pressure sensitive adhesive, lose luster and protective film coating surface. ( 2) Stick base damage: protected surface have more rubber residues, PE protective film coating surface visible substrate. ( 3) Migration residue: be protected with a small amount of pressure sensitive adhesive residue on the surface, PE protective film coating surface luster to maintain good.
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