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Why Poster Display A Boards Are The Best Deal

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

If you would have ever gone to theatre to watch movies, which otherwise you would have done, you would have seen framed movie posters outside or inside the theatre. The posters of the current or upcoming flicks stand tall and apart outside the theatre to grab viewer's eye and advertise the latest flicks. Inside the cinema hall, you could find them near popcorn machine, at the entrance way, outside wash rooms or you could as well find them in streets or at malls.

According to the facts available the trend of promoting the film and displaying movie posters on variety of A boards or swing signs began in early 1900s. Even today, the posters usually feature illustrations of a particular scene or range of overlaid scenes from the movie or the illustrations reflecting the theme of the movie - this is done to create a inquisitiveness amongst the audience. No matter which cinema hall you like to go, big or small, the movie posters could be found just everywhere.

Framed into traditional style A Boards or contemporary forecourt signs, they look just wow and bring the upcoming movies to the viewer's attention - who knows, they might plan their next movie then and there. So if you do own a theatre, you could get few of them for your place - they will add grace to the overall look of the poster graphics.

However, you could as well opt for variety of digital signage for exhibiting your graphics; they might cost you a little more than cheap A Boards. And, why to spend more when you can yield the same results with the 'A' type boards? Since they come with UV grade PVC poster covers sheets, you could place them to display the posters outside your theatre without worry. Their galvanised aluminium or steel frames that come in wide range of finishes ease off the tension off your mind - you just relax, the boards will not get tarnished or erode under extreme weather conditions. Whether you place them under direct sun or heavy rains, you could be sure of your posters being completely safe behind the PET poster cover sheets or polycarbonate glazing panels!

Further, since the A boards equip hinged locking arms or silver anodised spring loader, they do not fall sideways if there is strong wind. You could as well get them flat packed and stored in at the time of closing of the theatre. The locking arms make them stand at certain angle to improve visibility whereas the snap-open snap-shut frames or NEW top opening poster wallet allow easy poster change. This means that you do not need to contact A boards UK distributor time and again. Once bought, you could get them to replace the old posters and display new movie posters every next week!

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