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Why late tarpaulins waterproof function will weaken, how to avoid

by:LINYANG     2020-03-31
We all know, tent late use waterproof effect will be weakened, ooze water leakage phenomenon, that how to avoid this situation. First of all, during the use and storage as far as possible to reduce wear and tear on the surface of tarpaulins, tarpaulins have the waterproof effect is mainly derived from the analysis on the surface of the coated layer, coated layer is destroyed, will lead to tarpaulins ooze water, damage the quality of tarpaulins, reduce the use effect. Second, you can use the iron to iron tent outside surface, try to choose the time of temperature low temperature shift, so can the waterproof layer of tarpaulins secondary compression processing, have the effect of waterproof. Also, can under the tent when ironing mat layer of cotton to prevent adhesion, but this method can be used for a maximum of two, more is not effect. Finally, many experienced old customers will use waterproof glue, etc can have waterproof effect of coating were improved. In fact, no matter what kind of methods are not perfect, tarpaulins, after all, will be will be with the bad, in order to avoid effect use effect, it is recommended that you use in tarpaulins life beyond the warranty period ( 1 - commonly 5 years) Later, to buy a new tent, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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