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Why is electronic product with so many electrostatic film?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
Widely used in electronic industry, there is a film, that is: the electrostatic membrane, it is a variety of materials can be synchronized by composite equipment co-extrusion salivate of surface protective film. Electrostatic membrane is also known as electrostatic protective film, PE protective film, etc. Electrostatic membrane does not contain any adhesive, with good environmental adaptability, high product quality, etc. Therefore, electrostatic protective film is popular with users, is considered to be the history of surface protective film production process in the future. Lam jan Himore 【 400 - 666 - 322 】 , electrostatic membrane manufacturers. Feature: electrostatic membrane electrostatic protective film, PE do not contain any chemical solvent, use of modern production equipment and a level 1000 dust-free production systems, in use and after use does not produce any toxic gases and volatile and harmful to the environment of the material. Scope of application in the clean room environment, products widely used in various industrial fields and surface protection, production process and product protection, delivery and use of effectively reduce bad product produce, and significantly improve product value. The advantages of electrostatic membrane: 1. Excellent surface adsorption, can replace below 30 g viscosity viscous PE protective film, no glue residue, with white mist; 2. Excellent and wet, will be immediately after injection molding injection attached, easy to peel after cooling, without any residual; 3. Can let the slow release chemical solvent gas easily on the surface of the spray paint line, to avoid and paint machine reacts to phenomenon, greatly improving the yield of spray paint products; 4. Electrostatic protective film surface is smooth, convenient check product; 5. Heat resistance, resistance to wet test can withstand ( 75 degrees of 95%) 960 hours with no exception, the high temperature can be affected by high temperature of 120 degrees. Electrostatic membrane application fields: PE electrostatic protective film is widely used in all kinds of display frame and panels, light panels, following, computer, TV frame and the base board face, electronic shell, PDA, LCD panels and other electrical and electronic plastic injection molding product surface protection, PC sheet, acrylic sheet, such as ITO film no special heat-resistant wet resistance requirements of smooth the surface of the material, etc. Therefore, due to the nature of electrostatic membrane with no glue adhesive, very suitable for use in electronics industry and this is electrostatic membrane, widely used in electronic industry.
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