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Why are some tarpaulin surfaces uneven? -News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-11-04
Why are some tarpaulin surfaces uneven? Tarpaulin is widely used in our production and life, but some tarpaulin surfaces are not smooth, the following tarpaulin manufacturers will explain for you. 1. Adjustment of weft tension: the tension of weft is greatly affected by the size of shaft wire, while the tension adjustment of weft is mainly to adjust the tightness of tension brush tension spring, this is really difficult to adjust to balance. It is recommended to improve this adjustment method, such as increasing the friction tension of the end face. 2. Adjustment of Warp tension: the adjustment of Warp tension is mainly the guide wire holes, warp feeding rollers and jump rods passing through Warp frames and flat wires. The rotating resistance moment of the pallet shaft of each spindle of the warp frame is the birthplace that directly affects the Warp tension. In addition, attention should be paid to whether there is flat wire winding on the shaft to increase the rotation resistance torque, and whether there is edge wrapping wire to make the rotation resistance torque unbalanced. Jump bar adjustment is the most important. First of all, each jump bar should rotate flexibly and not be stuck by dust and greasiness. Several or more than a dozen jump bars should rotate together, if necessary, it is recommended to use an isolation ring to isolate each jumper in order to increase the activity capacity.
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