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Which is better, mobile phone explosion-proof film or toughened film?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-26


nowadays, smart phones are prevalent, and people are paying more and more attention to the protection of mobile phones. Explosion-proof films and toughened films for mobile phones have emerged. Which of the two is better?

mobile phone explosion-proof membrane can improve the impact resistance of mobile phone screen by 5-10 times. The main reason is to protect the glass screen from being easily impacted and break the glass screen. Simply put, a buffer layer is added to the glass screen of the mobile phone to disperse the impact force and reduce the accidental breakage of the screen.

The tempered film is more comfortable than the ordinary high-definition film. The touch of the tempered film is similar to that of the mobile phone screen. If the tempered film is standard enough, I really can't see that it was pasted with a mobile phone film. When in use, the sliding screen is also very smooth, and the oil stains on the fingers are not easy to stay on the screen because of sweating. After a period of use, it was found that there were almost no scratches on the screen.

The above is for reference only. When choosing explosion-proof film and toughened film for mobile phones, it should still be based on its own actual situation.

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