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Where to buy tarpaulin products

by:LINYANG     2023-03-18
The high-quality tarpaulins of tarpaulin manufacturers generally have the functions of windproof, rainproof and dustproof, and we must pay attention to many aspects when purchasing tarpaulins. First of all, the outer tent of the tarpaulin should be waterproof and the inner tent should be breathable. The most common tent coating is PU coating. The thickness and coating technology of the PU coating determine the waterproofness of the fabric, and the bottom of the tent is required to be waterproof and waterproof. Sturdy and wear-resistant function. Then, the poles of the tarpaulin have high strength and good resilience. At present, the best poles are carbon poles, aluminum alloys, glass fiber, and iron poles. Again, the tarpaulin should also be easy to use and carry, and can be put into the backpack directly after disassembly. In fact, an important criterion for judging the quality of tarpaulins is the density of latitude and longitude. The density is proportional to the strength. If the density is large, the strength will be higher and the quality will be better.
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