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Where is the electrostatic protective film can be repeatedly used to have?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
Commonly used electrostatic membrane, according to the material classification: PE, PP, PVC electrostatic membrane electrostatic membrane electrostatic film, PPE electrostatic film, according to the classification of hardness: soft electrostatic membrane, electrostatic film, soft hard electrostatic membrane, electrostatic film, soft and hard electrostatic membrane. Electrostatic film manufacturer, shenzhen young science and technology, hotline' 400 - 6666 - 322 】 Soft and hard electrostatic membrane. We have many customers encountered such a problem: the production of a process, the same zhang jing electrical sticker need to repeatedly paste, and soft in electrostatic membrane have easy to roll over to crinkle, curled up when I was a second time to stick together, very inconvenient. Lam jan research and development of this kind of soft and hard electrostatic membrane is a good way to solve this problem, a soft - — Apply smoothly, one pace reachs the designated position; Half hard - — On the basis of a soft and proper hardness, strength, natural uncover can't dozen roll up, secondary three films are very convenient. Electrostatic membrane characteristics: high temperature resistance, wash plain appearance, high transparency, low shrinkage, good flexibility, good mold role, resistance to pressure, the pressure of high temperature, no residue after pressing, no broken, no residue, strong adhesion, Zhang Liqiang resistance, ageing resistance. Thickness: 0. 03mm( 3) / 30 # Color: transparent purpose: finish high, the lubrication plastic appearance outstanding stick together, high temperature stability is good, can with sheet metal forming in order to maintain the appearance, can easily to take off the film, is suitable for the acrylic board, PC blister board ( ) , all kinds of film printing, stickers printing film protection and other fields.
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