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What will happen to PVC film with plasticizer

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
The addition of plasticizers to the PVC film makes the polymer plastic properties such as flexibility and softness. As a plasticizer, especially phthalates are used. There are less important chlorinated paraffins, adipic acid and phosphate esters. The plasticizer is deposited in the thermoplastic process between the molecular chains of PVC, and thereby loosen the structure.

The storage is a physical expansion of the structure, so migration and outgassing occur despite low volatility. This result depends on the application to the surface adsorption layer or the plasticizer used for adjacent materials or the migration through the air space of adjacent substances. Different base products, which migrate more slowly due to the significantly lower vapor pressure, are significantly more expensive, but they are increasingly being used in Europe. These include acetyl tributyl citrate and cyclohexane. It is called as a dry blend of powder mixture with the plasticizer and additive PVC.

Now you know what happens when a plasticizer is added to the PVC film.
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