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What should be paid attention to in PVC film spraying

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
In the PVC film spraying process, the spraying sequence should be end face → front line type → front + line type → end face, and the plane part can be sprayed once; the end face and the flat line need to be sprayed twice.

The active time after mixing the main agent and the curing agent is 4-6 hours, and the parts that have been sprayed should be processed within 4 hours to obtain the best bonding effect. Otherwise, the activation temperature needs to be increased due to the cross-linking reaction of the glue. Although the glue effect is good from the appearance, the temperature resistance has been significantly reduced. If the glue is sprayed twice, it will show glue marks on the surface of the PVC.

After the glue is sprayed, the surface is white and dry. It is not sticky to the hands or has obvious gloss after drying. The drying time is 30-50 minutes (depending on the temperature, humidity and spray quality of the environment).

Commonly used fans are 1.5-2.0 meters away from the workpiece and aim at the workpiece to blow away the moist air to avoid PVC bubbling due to high humidity of the workpiece.

In winter, in order to increase the temperature of the workpiece, a small insulation room can be used to heat the workpiece to 20-25°C (it is forbidden to exceed 35°C, otherwise the workpiece will be deformed). Glue spraying should be carried out on a water curtain machine at an environment not lower than 16°C.

The glue spraying operator should wear a mask to protect the health of the operator.

This is what we should pay attention to in the PVC film spraying process.
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