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What's the phone electrostatic membrane for

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Protective film on the purpose can be divided into: the protective film on digital products, automotive protective film, household protective film, food preservation protective film, etc. But as mobile electrostatic membrane, etc. The popularity of digital products in China, protective film has slowly become a kind of generally referred to as the screen protective film, and its function in the field of screen protection film also is varied, the earliest Gao Qingfang shave, go to himore functional protective film now. PP material of the protective film was among the first to appear on the market, the material actually is also we usually use the material of plastic bags, polypropylene, chemical name is no adsorption ability, generally use glue to stick, tear after will make the glue mark on the screen, the screen for a long time will be corrosion. PVC material to protect itself is the feature of simple sense softness, and easy to paste, but this kind of material is more thick, light transmittance is bad, make the screen looks hazy. Tear off after will also marks the glue on the screen. Electrostatic membrane, this kind of material is also more easily with the change of the temperature and FanHuang out oil, short service life. The membrane surface through SMART technology processing, anti-wear scratch resistance, prevent from scratching. PET material three layers hard film, high hardness, mainly to prevent the wear and tear of handwritten pen on the screen. High transparent material is qualitative, in the most close to the phone's screen material, make the light refraction and reflection Angle is unified, in order to achieve light transmittance of hundred. Electrostatic membrane function, but the protective effects of 1, hd: light transmittance is quite good, the use of this, has a high sensitivity, and good scratch-resistant degrees; Such as: shenzhen lam jan protective film is very good. 2, radiation protection function: this generally has a certain function of radiation protection, but not completely absorb radiation, all just radiation protection; 3, prevent into functional: the main function is to protect individual privacy, usually people don't use this. 4, grinding function: mainly for scratch-resistant, light transmittance is not very good, the advantage is wear-resisting; 5, functional: mirror mirror membrane mirror is simulated with the principle of reflect light, when the mobile phone backlight, the screen can be used as a mirror; 6, prevent into functional: the main function is to protect individual privacy, usually people don't use this.
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