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What protective film of the lacquer that bake panel with a computer?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-08
Use electrostatic protective film is a kind of three layer PE extrusion process in the production of protective film, the product has excellent stability in high temperature conditions. Used in any environment, no residual impurities on the surface of the product, more environmental protection function and reliability. In use or use after all won't create and play any poisonous gas and harmful to the environment of material, widely used in various industrial fields. On the product surface cover insurance, effectively reduce the bad product produce, improve process stability and improve product value obviously. Products used in acrylic panel, PC panel, stainless steel plate surface, mobile phone lens, computer shell protection, on the TV screen, PDA and other electronic products are widely used. A variety of thickness: 0. 05mm/0. 06 mm / 0。 07mm/0. 08年mm / 0。 1毫米/ 0。 The company X 14 mm series, PE protective film, selects the import high quality polyethylene material, in use or use after all does not produce any toxic gases and volatile and harmful to the environment of material, widely used in various industrial fields of product protection, effectively reduce the bad product produce obvious effect and improve product value. Electrostatic membrane purpose: 1, computer hardware products: computer chassis shell, galvanized sheet stamping, computer lacquer board, plastic injection molding, printing and spray paint surface protection; 2, LCD photoelectric series: LCD liquid crystal display, back plate, EL electric refrigerating X-ray, conductive membrane switch, touch screen panel, surface protection; for the color computer display
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