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What protective film is used for FPC board?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-23
Flexible circuit board antistatic protective film flexible circuit board is also called 'soft Board', namely FPC board. It is a printed circuit made of flexible insulating substrate. Flexible circuits provide excellent electrical performance, can meet the design needs of smaller and higher density installation, and also help to reduce assembly processes and enhance reliability. Flexible circuit board is the only solution to meet the requirements of miniaturization and movement of electronic products. It can be freely bent, rolled and folded, can withstand millions of times of dynamic bending without damaging wires, can be arbitrarily arranged according to the requirements of space layout, and can move and expand in three-dimensional space at will, so as to achieve the integration of component assembly and wire connection; Flexible circuit board can greatly reduce the volume and weight of electronic products, and is suitable for the development of electronic products in the direction of high density, miniaturization and high reliability. Therefore, FPC boards have been widely used in aerospace, military, mobile communications, laptops, computer peripherals, PDA, digital cameras and other fields or products. However, FPC board is prone to electrostatic breakdown during production. At present, the solution to this problem mainly depends on the anti-static platform pad on the market, and this product relies on the electrostatic agent to add and migrate to the surface of the platform pad, and then absorbs air and water molecules to form a conductive path, thus having an anti-static effect on the FPC board, at the same time, the product is easily affected by environmental factors such as air and humidity, and the electrostatic emission effect is poor. Especially in the dry climate area in the north, the surface resistance value increases. With the passage of time, the anti-static index attenuates faster and faster, resulting in unstable electrostatic discharge, which is easy to break down the circuit chip on the FPC board and cause equipment operation damage. At the same time, the product can not be carried along with the FPC board, and can not play a protective role at any time. The defects in the application link are very obvious and cannot meet the requirements of the current FPC board development technology. Now FPC board is in a small but rapid development. Polymer thick film method is an efficient and low-cost production process. The process selectively screens conductive polymer ink on cheap flexible substrates. Its representative flexible substrate is PET. Polymer thick film method conductors include silk screen metal fillers or carbon powder fillers. The polymer thick film method itself is very clean, using lead-free SMT adhesive without etching. Due to its use of addition process and low cost of substrate, Polymer thick film circuit is 1/10 of the price of copper polyimide film circuit; It is 1/2 of the price of rigid circuit boards ~ 1/3. Polymer thick film method is especially suitable for control panel of equipment. In mobile phones and other portable products, the polymer thick film method is suitable for converting components, switches and lighting devices on printed circuit motherboards into Polymer thick film circuits. It not only saves costs, but also reduces energy consumption. For this reason, the anti-static PET protective film developed by Yan Yang company has a very broad market prospect in the application of 'flexible circuit board'. Its performance: The transparent anti-static PET protective film is relatively soft and has a hardness similar to that of FPC board, and it is transparent enough to observe the technological requirements of FPC surface, and it does not contact with the outside air, and of course it will not generate static electricity and dust. Since there are anti-static coatings on both sides of the anti-static protective film, no static electricity will be generated when it is separated from the FPC board, and of course, the chip on the FPC board will not be broken. This not only solves the problem of static electricity generated during the transportation of FPC board, but also can be bonded and transparent without being affected by environmental factors such as air and humidity. The products can be widely used in semiconductor industry, LCD industry, electronic equipment and microelectronic equipment industry, electronic and electrical, communication manufacturing, precision instruments, optical manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, bioengineering and other industrial fields as well as high-speed rail carriages. , hospital, home, office field, it is used in industrial production workshops, laboratories, computer rooms, floors, worktops, wall panels, etc. of hospital operating rooms, CT, X-ray rooms, CCU, ICU wards, etc.
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