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What protective film is suitable for Frosted aluminum shell?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-22

frosted aluminum shells are actually mostly mobile phone shells and mobile power supply shells. What kind of frosted aluminum shell protective film is most suitable? Under high temperature and high humidity environment, it is very easy to degumming and residual glue for ordinary adhesive protective films, which is very fatal to the surface of high-quality products, although our protective films are only surface protection, however, if the protective film affects the quality of the product, it is very difficult for us to be responsible, because the price of our protective film is relatively low and what we earn is only ordinary profits. We cannot bear high quality risks, therefore, it is also a wise choice for customers to choose electrostatic film, because the adsorption layer of electrostatic film is more stable than that of coated adhesive layer, and electrostatic film is more suitable at a certain high temperature. At present, our company has a high temperature resistant 90 ° electrostatic film with stable quality, which is very suitable for stamping and bending protection of aluminum alloy frosted Shell process. It is an ideal protective film for many mobile phone shells, aviation aluminum and flat metal shells.

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