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What protective film does Polaroid stick?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-24
Polaroid protective film substrate material: PE glue type: environmentally friendly waterborne acrylic thickness: 5-10 wire width: 1000- 1580mm color: transparent film, Blue Film printing: 1- 4-color printing customer pattern viscosity: low viscosity, medium viscosity, medium and high viscosity, high viscosity, extra high viscosity features: stable adhesion and good weather resistance. UV resistance, good aging resistance. There is no residual glue after tearing.

Product Structure:

Polaroid protective film is made of transparent PE as the base material and coated with water acrylic glue on its surface. It is mainly made of Polaroid protective film, polaroid film, Polaroid transparent film. The transparent film has the advantages of smooth surface, high cleanliness and good flexibility,

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