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What protective film does OCA optical glue use?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-27

OCA optical glue

is one of the raw materials for important touch screens. OCA optical adhesive is a kind of double-sided adhesive tape without base material, which is made of optical acrylic adhesive and then pasted with a layer of release film on the upper and lower layers. The special release film for OCA optical adhesive can be used in OCA optical adhesive coating industry. 75um heavy release film and 50um light release film are matched with optical pressure sensitive adhesive to form high-quality OCA optical adhesive. Ichuan film OCA optical glue 【4006666322]The characteristics are: high light transmission (All-light penetration rate>99%) , High adhesion, high weather resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, long-term use will not produce yellowing (Yellowing), Peeling and deterioration.

OCA optical glue

is divided into two categories, one is resistive and the other is capacitive, resistive optical glue can be divided into 50um and 25um according to different thicknesses, while capacitive optical glue can be divided into 100um, 175um and 200um.

OCA optical glue application optical glue can be applied to different fields according to different thicknesses, and its main uses are: electronic paper, transparent device bonding, projection screen assembly, aerospace or military optical device assembly, display assembly, lens assembly, resistive touch screen g f f, f f, capacitive touch screen, panel, ICON and glass and the bonding of plastic materials such as polycarbonate.

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