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What protective film can PET material be processed?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-22
PET material protective film is one of the most common protective film materials on the market at present, the use of flat rate is very high, the application industry is also very extensive. PET protective film according to the scope of application, can be applied in the following areas: metal Product surface, coated metal product surface, plastic product surface, automobile product surface, electronic product surface, sign product surface, profile product surface, and other product surfaces. PET protective film can be divided: color film, color powder film, color blue film, brilliant green film, brilliant purple film, high definition film, scratch-proof film, anti-* film, wear-resistant film, diamond film, mirror film, anti-fingerprint film, high permeability perfume protective film and other digital products PET protective film, automotive PET protective film, household PET protective film, food preservation PET protective film. With the popularization of digital products such as mobile phones in China, PET protective film has gradually become a general designation of screen PET protective film, and its functions in the field of screen PET protective film are also varied, the earliest high-definition anti-scratch, and now the functional protective film is favored. From the earliest PP material to the popular AR material, the material has experienced more than 5 years of development and is slowly accepted by the majority of mobile phone groups.
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