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What plank can use PE protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
Plastic board after produced usually attach a layer of protective film on the surface, on the one hand is to ensure that the surface cleanliness, on the one hand, also for maintaining the plastic sheet from the erosion of the outside world, especially in the storage and transportation, influenced by weather, chemical agent, such as ant insect damage. Protective film on the surface of the plastic board is usually used in PE protective film, PE protective film and protective film in black and white film and blue in the use of the highest frequency. Plastic protective film is environmental protection material PE protective film, and plastic surface will not produce adverse chemical reactions, not degum, applied for temporary protection of plastic packaging material is an ideal choice. In addition to plastic, PE protective film is widely used in: plastic injection molding products: ABS, PP injection products, glossy plastic, chassis panel, PVC sheet, acrylic board, instrument panel, such as plastic lens surface protection. LCD photoelectric series: LCD liquid crystal display, back plate, EL electric refrigerating X-ray, conductive membrane switch, touch screen, color computer display surface protection. Hardware products: computer chassis shell, galvanized sheet stamping, the lacquer that bake plate, electrolytic plate, plastic injection molding, printing and spray paint surface protection. Nameplate printing: PVC, PC, aluminum plate, copper plate surface protection of metal and plastic nameplates. Decorative plates, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy, aluminum curtain wall, titanium plates, plastic plates, polaroid board, ceramic, polyester board and other products surface protection. Circuit boards, PCB/PCB, electronic products, electrostatic membrane. Process: glass painting book, sandblasting, carving and other protection.
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