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What new requirements on glass cover protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-10
Flat glass - — Mobile phone glass cover protective film manufacturers lam jan himore 【 400 - 6666 - 322 】 Products, mainly used in the outer layer of the touch screen, the main raw material of the thin plate glass, after cutting, CNC carved, thinning, reinforcement, coating, printing and other processing, impact resistant, resistant to scratching, oil resistant, anti fingerprints, enhanced light transmittance, and other functions. After glass plate joint outside the touch screen surface, on the one hand, can protect the touch screen, on the other hand can print different colors, designs, markers, rise to decorate and beautify the role of the product. In touch era marked by apple, capacitive touch screen solution, because of its advantages such as good stability, tactility, the performance of has become a mobile phone, tablet, touch laptop mobile terminals such as the mainstream of human-computer interaction. Whatever the touch technology, the cover plate are indispensable protection components, and the glass cover due to its high pervious to light, strong and anti-scrape features, gradually become the mainstream of the cover plate industry. Cover plate can be widely used in industry with touch and display a variety of electronic consumer products, including the capacitive touch screen mobile phone, tablet PC, digital camera, GPS, all kinds of query terminals, atms, on-demand machine, large screen touch electronic whiteboard, etc. For mobile phones, tablets and other products overall beautification and personal, you need to through the silk screen processing way printed on all sorts of color in the inner cover plate glass and personalized LOGO; On the flat glass and printing of lightweight cell phones to put forward the stringent requirements, the thickness of in order to achieve good visual effect, flat glass also need plating on all sorts of function membrane, in order to achieve the fingerprint resistant perspiration, enhance the display effect of pervious to light. Due to the need to implement several functions in the plate glass, features so on the production process is relatively complex, in such a complex process, the cover board manufacturer in the process of production demand for protective film will also continue to increase, so our protective film market will expand with glass cover process multifarious.
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