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What method can I use to print the protective film?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-26

There are many ways to print protective film. Solvent ink gravure printing is commonly used. In addition, there are many different ways to print protective film. Corona treatment is generally recommended, so that the printing surface of the protective film can be better coated with pigment to achieve the ideal printing effect.

specifically follow the protective film manufacturer ichuan film to understand:

1. Solvent ink flexographic printing

solvent ink flexographic printing is a traditional printing method with good quality. Due to the low surface tension of solvent ink, the requirements on the surface tension of the film are not as strict as those of other inks, so the ink layer is firm and the process is relatively simple. However, the solvent affects the environment and is harmful to the human body. It is a printing method that is about to be eliminated. 2. Combined printing combined printing, also known as composite printing, is the most advanced printing method in the product packaging and printing industry in the world. According to different pattern designs, several methods are used to print on the same pattern to achieve the best visual effect. 3. UV ink embossing UV ink embossing is a printing process with good printing quality and high efficiency, which is the most developed and most suitable for national conditions in China. As domestic convex printing equipment generally does not have UV devices, film printing is limited, so equipment renewal and renovation are necessary conditions for printing films. 4. UV ink flexo printing UV ink flexo printing costs are high, but the requirements on the surface tension of the film are relatively not strict. General manufacturers use water-based ink printing, UV glazing can reduce costs and increase printing effects. 5. UV ink silk screen UV ink silk screen printing is a new technology that can be printed on a single sheet or on a reel, with high cost and good quality. Single printed don't shelves dry drum printed can be high-speed. 6. Water-based ink flexo printing water-based ink flexo printing is the most advanced printing method in the world today, with low cost, good quality and no pollution. However, the process requirements are strict, and the surface tension of the film must be above 40 Dyne, which has strict requirements on the pH value and viscosity of the ink. This process is a kind of process that is vigorously developed in China, but it is slow to develop due to equipment limitations. 7. Solvent ink silk screen printing solvent ink silk screen printing is a traditional process. Generally, single sheets are printed manually, and reel materials are printed with a combination machine. 8. Gravure printing gravure printing quality is the best of all printing methods and is also the printing method commonly used by domestic soft bag factories. 9, ordinary resin ink printing, ordinary resin ink printing is the most commonly used method, due to the existence of drying problems, there are two drying methods: cutting sheets, drying on shelves. This method has long drying time, large floor area, easy rubbing and laminating. Wrap the undried ink between the films, and pay attention to avoiding the publication of the film and preventing the failure of the film.

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