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What main equipment is needed for greenhouse film production?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-30


What are the main equipment needed for greenhouse film production?

(1)Extruder. A new 150 screw is generally used to produce a greenhouse film with a folding diameter of 2 m, and a new screw is used to produce a greenhouse film with a folding diameter of 4 m. The screw is in the form of a separate front with a barrier head, and the structure is shown in Fig. 6-33. The production of a wider film can be coextruded by two extruders.

(2)Head. Screw-type handpiece can be used, but because of its large volume and heavy weight, lotus petal handpiece is generally selected. Although the handpiece is large in volume but small in thickness, it is light in weight, the disadvantage is that there are multiple fusion lines on the surface of the film due to multiple flow channels.

(3)Wind ring. Dam type cast aluminum wind ring. The diameter of the greenhouse film air ring blown with a 2m folding diameter is 0. 7 m, blowing 4m folding diameter of greenhouse film air ring diameter is 1. 4 m.

(4)Rack. The height is 8 m. For example, the frame used to produce 4m folding diameter greenhouse film is 15m high, and a pair of triangular inserts are installed at both ends of the traction roller, the film with a width of 4m is folded into 2m for easy coiling and storage.

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