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What kind of tape is attached to the refrigerator?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-25

many kinds of adhesive tapes are used in the production process of refrigerators, especially the adhesive tapes. Today, I mainly introduce a PET refrigerator tape:

PET refrigerator tape, also known as polyester tape PET refrigerator tape, color expansion printing tape, electronic tape (Flame retardant), Plate-making tape. Based on PET (Polyester)It is made of base material coated with rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. The product is resistant to high temperature, no residual glue, high tensile strength and good adhesion. It is suitable for foaming and fixing of refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, fixing of capacitors, coils and circuit boards, plate making and shading. Code, product, product name, name, use HS- 11 color expansion tape color expansion lead fixed film (Special for photographic Flushing)It has good aging resistance, temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance. HS- 12 refrigerator tape, refrigerator foam fixing and shielding characteristics, temperature resistance, good weather resistance, easy to tear, no stain, no residue. Substrate, thickness (mm) Adhesion, force, resistance, tension, high temperature resistance (℃) 180, peel strength polyester film 0. 07 725g/1 ″ 8. 9 kg/1 '150 ℃/1hr≥7. 84N/25mm polyester film 0. 07 750g/1 ″ 8. 9 kg/1 '120 ℃/1hr≥7. 84N/25mm

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