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What kind of protective film does the film use?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-22

film film, as the name implies, is for plastic film ( Of course, it can also be a film made of other materials, but it usually refers to a plastic film)Stick a layer of protective film to prevent dust, dirt and bruises.

The common usage is temporary protection during the processing of various PET Films, PP films and PC films. Generally, low-viscosity PE protective films or PE electrostatic films with colors are used.

of course, there is also a kind of protective film that conforms to a layer of protective film. For example, the original PET protective film with three layers of scratch-proof flowers should be used on the robot automatic film sticking equipment, you also need to add a layer of protective film to make the separation membrane.

film film, especially the original film (Film) The amount of film is very large, it is generally recommended to choose a strong protective film manufacturer to buy, such as a Sichuan Film 4006666322 is good!

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