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What kind of PET protective film is used for the bottom-up waste protective film?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-23

when the protective film is die-cut, efficient bottom-up waste materials are generally used for coherent operations to improve production efficiency, many die-cutting manufacturers do not know much about the specific waste materials. The protective film manufacturer ichuan film will give you a brief introduction.

Generally, the material used for backing can be PE protective film, OPP protective film or PET protective film. PE protective film is low in cost and soft, and is generally used for die cutting of materials with higher hardness, PET protective film has high cost and hard material, so it is widely used. It can be used as backing and discharging film for hard materials and discharging film for soft materials.

when many die-cutting manufacturers purchase protective films, we will inquire about the specific uses in detail, feel the different processing materials and processes of die-cutting factories, and select appropriate protective films, ensure smooth die cutting and lower cost for customers. This is also one of the reasons why ichuan's protective film is widely loved by die-cutting factories.

The back cover of the mobile phone shall be sprayed, printed and other subsequent processing after Molding. In order to prevent other positions from being polluted, high-viscosity PET protective film can be used to cover the parts to be isolated. Because the back cover of the mobile phone needs to be heated, baked and cured during printing and spraying, the protective film used needs to maintain viscosity and no glue residue for a period of time in a high temperature environment of about 90℃.

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