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What kind of foam tape is used for the LCD screen of the mobile phone?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-24
With the rapid development of technology, the screen size of intelligent machines is getting larger and larger, and the design and structure of the screen have changed greatly. As the primary component of human-computer interaction, how to fix and bond beautifully, safely and reliably and achieve its function is an important topic to be solved by mobile phone design, manufacturers and material suppliers. We all know that Acrylic foam tape has an absolute advantage in screen fixing and is the first choice for mobile phone screen fixing. Because the mobile phone screen is relatively large and the design structure is different, different models have different requirements for adhesive tape. According to the different functions of adhesive tape during bonding, we will analyze the selection of adhesive tape according to the design requirements of different mobile phones. Look at what kind of foam tape is used in the screen. First of all: the demand for high cushioning and high waterproof performance: for high-end mobile phones, the requirements for components in the material design of the mobile phone itself are relatively high, at this time, the requirements for the drop and waterproof of the tape are also higher. This requires better energy absorption of the adhesive tape that plays a fixing role, so as to protect the screen well from damage caused by impact force. At the same time, the adhesive tape is also required to have better waterproof performance. Secondly: Requirements for high waterproof, high drop resistance and anti-warping performance some mobile phones have certain local tolerances due to the limitations of design and material manufacturing, which requires adhesive tape to be bonded, it can have strong adhesion, and the screen and the frame are tightly bonded together to make up for the design and manufacturing defects, at the same time, it may also be necessary for the adhesive tape to have certain anti-pushing ability to prevent the deformation stress of the components in actual use, etc. Finally: Requirements for high waterproof and strong bonding performance there are also many mobile phones on the market that require adhesive tape not only to quickly stick the screen due to structural, design and positioning considerations, moreover, it is necessary for the adhesive tape to have higher push-out resistance, thus realizing strong adhesion of the adhesive tape to the screen. The rapid development of the mobile phone industry requires not only practical functions but also visual beauty. Designs such as 3D and narrow borders have also emerged. How to solve the die-cutting yield of adhesive tape and realize the narrow border bonding of mobile phone screen is a new requirement for adhesive tape in this new development direction. New technologies and requirements such as OLED, ultra-thin, waterproof, 5G, wireless charging, wifi charging, etc. are pushing forward the great changes of mobile phones. The previous metal back cover may hinder the development of this new technology, at present, glass back cover and ceramic back cover have been widely used and developed with the advent of new technology. However, due to the complexity of the processing technology of glass and ceramics themselves and the characteristics of these materials themselves, it brings great challenges to the design of mobile phones, how to overcome manufacturing tolerance and achieve perfect bonding and waterproof is a new challenge to Acrylic foam tape.

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