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What is transparent electrostatic membrane properties

by:LINYANG     2020-03-04
Nature of content: 1, the production efficiency, and high degree of automation, which can realize continuous automatic production, can machine and back-end and front-end boxes packing machine to realize linkage equilibrium production; 2, choose BOPP or PVC film as packing material, compared with carton packaging materials of low cost, material cost is only 1/10 of the white box and heat shrinkable film, 1/2; 3, with less operators, greatly reduce the packaging cost of production and management cost; 4, with transparent membrane three dimensional packaging of finished products in good appearance, high grade, to improve product image; Five, with transparent membrane three dimensional packaging product moistureproof performance is good, easy transportation and storage, can adapt the pharmacopoeia is strictly limited for production, storage temperature and biochemical, vaccines and fat-soluble drugs packaging; 6, equipment for the work environment pollution-free, cover an area of an area small. Transparent electrostatic membrane is widely used in: industry, guide plate, LCD backlight module, mobile phone, computer panels, panel TV, video games, PDA and other electronic products. Will tell from the concrete construction of the electrothermal. Because it is a new technology, there is no experience can be, the installation is relatively complex, difficult to control quality. Especially the electrothermal system and the structure of the equipotential connection, this is related to the topic of life safety. Is the electrothermal heating by electricity. In terms of our district, almost entirely for coal-fired power. Thermal power by burning coal is converted into electrical energy efficiency is very low, is about more than 30, repass substation, transmission to the user, its efficiency is lower. Electrostatic membrane is a coating film, rely on the product itself electrostatic adsorption to stick the protective items, more commonly used in the adhesive or glue on the surface of the residual is more sensitive and more used in glass, lens, highlights the plastic surface, acrylic, etc. Very smooth surfaces. Features: antistatic, fingerprints, wide variety, stable quality, complete functions, etc. Purpose: to adapt to all kinds of plastic, metal, electronics, cell phone, mirror, and other products surface protection. Transparent external feel electrostatic electrostatic membrane, is the mucous membrane, adhesion is low, in the highlight enough.
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