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What is the working principle of the rotomolding

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
The working principle of the rotomolding of PVC film is that the basic process of rotomolding is very simple. It is to put powdered or liquid polymer in a mold, heat it, and the mold rotates and revolves around a vertical axis, and then cools to form. At the beginning of the heating phase, if a powder material is used, a porous layer is formed on the surface of the mold first, and then gradually melted with the cycle process, and finally a homogeneous layer of uniform thickness is formed;

If a liquid material is used, it will flow and coat the surface of the mold first, and stop the flow completely when it reaches the gel point. The mold is then transferred to the cooling work area, cooled by forced ventilation or water spray, and then placed in the work area, where the mold is opened, the finished part is taken away, and the next cycle is performed.
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