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What is the warning tape made of PVC film?

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
Warning tape made of PVC film is also called identification tape, floor tape, floor tape, landmark tape and so on. It is made of PVC film as the base material and coated with rubber pressure sensitive adhesive.

Anti-static warning tape can be used for floor area warnings, packaging box sealing warnings, product packaging warnings, etc. Color: yellow, black, Chinese and English warning slogans, viscosity is oily extra-high viscosity rubber glue, surface resistance of anti-static warning tape 107-109 ohms, warning tape is used to identify warning areas, segment danger warnings, label categories, etc. There are black, yellow, red, and white lines to choose from; the surface is resistant to wear and can withstand high flow pedals; sticky Good, certain anti-corrosion, acid-base properties, anti-wear. Purpose: Paste on the ground, wall and machine for prohibition, warning, reminder and emphasis.
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