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What is the use of tarpaulin in agriculture?

by:LINYANG     2023-10-22

What is the Use of Tarpaulin in Agriculture?


Tarpaulin, also known as a tarp, is a versatile material made of strong, flexible, and waterproof fabric. It is widely utilized in various industries, including agriculture. In farming practices, tarpaulin serves multiple purposes due to its durability and resistance to environmental factors. This article explores the diverse uses of tarpaulin in agriculture, highlighting its benefits and advantages.

1. Protection Against Weather Elements:

One of the primary applications of tarpaulin in agriculture is to provide protection against adverse weather conditions. Farmers often use tarps to cover crops, farm equipment, and storage areas. By shielding crops from excessive rain, hail, or strong winds, tarpaulin decreases the risk of damage or loss, ensuring healthier harvests and increased productivity. Additionally, it can be employed to prevent excessive moisture or heat from reaching crops, allowing farmers to regulate the microclimate and create optimal growing conditions.

2. Weed Suppression and Soil Protection:

Tarps play a vital role in weed suppression within agricultural fields. By covering soil with tarpaulin, farmers can effectively smother unwanted weeds, reducing competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight. This weed control method, often referred to as tarping or occultation, helps farmers avoid the use of herbicides or intensive manual labor for weed removal. Moreover, tarpaulin acts as a barrier, protecting the soil surface from erosion caused by wind or heavy rainfall. It maintains the integrity of the topsoil and preserves its nutrient content, ensuring a conducive environment for plant growth.

3. Encouraging Growth and Multiplication:

Tarpaulin finds extensive usage in plant propagation and growth enhancement. In horticulture, a technique called 'solarization' employs tarpaulin to harness the sun's radiation for soil sterilization and pest control. By covering a designated area with a clear tarp for several weeks, solar heat builds up beneath the cover, effectively eliminating harmful pathogens, pests, and weeds. This technique is particularly beneficial for starting new gardens or nurseries. Furthermore, tarpaulin is utilized to create mini-greenhouses, providing a controlled environment for plant germination, protecting young seedlings, and accelerating their growth.

4. Livestock Shelter and Management:

Tarpaulin plays a significant role in livestock management as well. It can be used to construct temporary or permanent shelters for animals such as poultry, cattle, or sheep. The material's waterproof features safeguard livestock from rain or extreme heat, minimizing stress and improving overall well-being. Tarpaulin-based structures also provide shade and ventilation, creating comfortable environments for animals. In addition, tarps can be implemented as covers for feeding areas, protecting fodder from spoilage and contamination.

5. Storage and Transportation:

Efficient storage and transportation of agricultural products are crucial for both farmers and distributors. Tarpaulin contributes to these processes by offering an inexpensive and reliable solution. Farmers often employ tarpaulin covers for haystacks, grains, or harvested crops. These covers protect the produce from moisture, pests, dust, and wind, ensuring its quality and preserving its market value. Tarpaulins are also useful for securing loads during transportation, preventing damage caused by shifting or exposure to external elements.


Tarpaulin has become an indispensable tool in modern agricultural practices. Its durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness enable farmers to overcome numerous challenges and enhance productivity. From protecting crops and livestock to managing soil and facilitating transportation, tarpaulin offers multifaceted benefits. As the agriculture industry continues to evolve, the use of tarpaulin is expected to grow, enabling farmers worldwide to address different needs and improve their yields sustainably.

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