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What is the thickness of tarpaulin? Waterproof warm wet _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-26
What is the thickness of tarpaulin? Tent is one of the widely used material, especially rain cold, to go out with. ShangHeng tarpaulins foothold in linyi in shandong province, here is convenient logistics, at the same time, we enter the international market, currently we have a lot of tarpaulins are exported to all over the world. http://www。 linyangpvc。 Com/phone: 13754728822, according to the existing classification of all kinds of waterproof tarpaulins, tarpaulins thickness from zero in general. 15 mm to 1. The thickness of 2 mm, tarpaulins is according to the thickness of yarn count, density of base fabric textile, thickness of coating material, such as PVC plastic coated tarpaulin, PVC coating cloth, the cloth knife, the color tarpaulins depends on the thickness of the base fabric thickness, textile fabric density of the yarn count and thickness of the coating material; The thickness of the PE, PVC transparent mulching films depends on the weight of the raw materials used. We cannot say tarpaulins as thick as possible, however, also cannot say that the thinner the poor, because the judge of tarpaulins is determined by various factors, such as the quality of the yarn count, fabric density and coating raw materials quality, and the proportion of coating materials and so on in the production of various thickness of tarpaulin manufacturers a lot, but the quality is uneven. Do well in the domestic tarpaulin manufacturer for extension FanBuChang, tarpaulins to customize various thickness affordable, cost-effective, good service, 18 years of experience in production and processing, specializing in the production of various thickness of tarpaulin, PE cloth, striped cloth, South Korea, gas gathering, knife cloth, PVC coated fabric, PE tarpaulins, wax canvas, silicone cloth, plastic coated canvas, canvas products such as fire prevention cloth, rain wear, widely used in square landscape awning, car tent cover cover, train, ship cover, open yard cover, industrial and agricultural fields, etc. ; Used in glass, timber, chemical fertilizer plant, steel structure plant, machinery hardware factory, feed mills, oil refineries, food storage, a container factory, packaging plant, paper mill, air conditioning plant, logistics company, ore plant, team, railways, shipping, pig, etc.
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