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What is the rainproof tarpaulin? -News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-10-24
What is the rainproof tarpaulin? Rainproof tarpaulin series products have excellent physical and chemical properties such as high strength, good waterproof and sunscreen performance, good self-cleaning, corrosion resistance, flame retardant and long service life. Here are some points for everyone. It improves the surface characteristics of traditional coating materials, has excellent anti-pollution ability, and keeps it clean for a long time. Excellent climate resistance aging, prolonging service life. Enhanced resistance to chemical corrosion, the product is widely used, suitable for vehicle transportation, cargo cover, industry, agriculture, ship, factory, mine, and so on. The above is the use of rain-proof tarpaulin. Rain-proof tarpaulin has its strong practicability and is deeply loved by tarpaulin users.
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