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What is the purpose of the rainbow film of PVC film?

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
The use of rainbow film of PVC film has the following characteristics.

1. In the industry of glitter powder and gold and silver wire, after using the rainbow film to compound the PET film, it can be coated and printed to create a new colorful illusion effect and processed into gold and silver wire or glitter powder. Products are mainly used in Christmas gift industry, clothing printing industry, ribbons, etc.;

2. Paper products industry: the rainbow film composite coated paper or white cardboard can be used alone in gift box packaging, or the composite formed rainbow film can be used in anti-counterfeiting packaging, cosmetics or gift packaging after deep processing;

3. Food packaging industry: Iridescent film is mainly used in twisted packaging of fruit candy and decorative packaging of crafted wedding candy. The iris effect and transparency of the iris film can make the packaged candy and the iris film become an integral whole. Visual effects;

4. Plastic industry: The rainbow film can be combined with a variety of hard plates to be used in furniture decoration, corner or glass curtain wall decoration, enriching the color of architectural homes;

This is the characteristic of the use of the rainbow film of the PVC film.
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