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What is the Orchard boss to introduce to you?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-23


What is a drip-free greenhouse film? Let the orchard owner introduce it to you.

Under the guidance of the owner of the orchard, Tan Zili, the reporter compared the jujube fruit in the covered area and the uncovered area, and found that the jujube fruit in the covered area was basically free from cracking, however, the uncovered area is eroded by rain and fog, and the cracking phenomenon of jujube fruit is relatively serious, which affects the quality and appearance of jujube fruit.

boss Tan said: the jujube garden has invested more than 300,000 yuan this year to set up steel frame greenhouses for jujube trees, the imported drip-free film with a light transmittance of 95% is used to cover the jujube tree to prevent rainwater and fog from pouring fruit, and at the same time, the rainwater is diverted to the ditch for drainage, thereby preventing cracking.

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