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What is the oily coating pressure-sensitive adhesive

by:LINYANG     2020-03-22
What is oily protective film pressure sensitive adhesives ( 1) Raw materials and formula ratio of material/quality ratio of material/quality of acrylic 2 ethyl caproic ester ( 2 eha) 8 ~ 10 acrylic ( AA) A moderate amount of N - Hydroxymethyl acrylamide ( N— MAM) 3 ~ 5 butyl acrylate ( BA) 50 ~ 57 vinyl acetate ( VAc) 10 ~ 12 second benzoyl peroxide ( BPO) O. 1~O. 5 b hydroxyl ethyl acrylate ( 他叫) 2 ~ 3 a 2 hydroxypropyl acrylate ( HPA) A moderate amount of mixed solvent (200 2) Preparation methods in a blender, reflux condenser, thermometer, feed flow meter, add equipment, stainless steel reaction kettle of the compressor, to join the formula ratio of mixed solvent, heating to 70 ~ 75 ℃, according to the formula weighing monomer in another container, blend to add BPO dissolved completely, to add a third of the mixed monomer in the kettle, allowance to join high drop device, stirring and heating up to trace back, stop heating, by reaction heat continue to back, when flow gradually hours, about 77 ℃ began to drop and monomer, dropping speed control and the reaction temperature, prevent spamming, keep back to normal, maintain stable reaction kettle, increasing viscosity, 4 ~ 5 h add finished, and then heating to 80 ~ 82 ℃, the reaction can be appropriately adding a little after 1 h BPO driving response completely. When the viscosity stability, yellow viscous liquid, cooled to 40 ℃ the finished part A. 20% of the group B is divided into isocyanate chlorobenzene solution. Part A: part B = 1: ( 0. 5~O. 8) 。 ( 3) Oil pressure sensitive adhesive performance with appropriate initial adhesion force, stripping force and the adhesion force, suitable for a variety of protected material surface protection glue stick with production, has good practical value and has quick drying speed, the characteristics of the coating and convenient, meet the requirements of protective film performance. ( 4) Application of oily pressure-sensitive adhesives can be used in instruments and meters, color steel plate, aluminum, plastic doors and Windows, advanced spray surface protection, such as is a new kind of special surface protection pressure-sensitive materials.
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