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What is the mirror of the protective film role principle

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
We found that people are now every step road will pick up the phone to look at, but the phone charged this may. If you found that the brightness of the phone isn't bright, so mobile phones must be not now, but a mirror. When we handle knob machine Lord screen backlight lights, cell phone protective film to play the role of a mirror. This protective film, also known as the mirror film, is a kind of thin film. Were divided into 5 or 6 layer, we just use one layer of processing functions reflex external light, by the brightness of the light and then to realize the function of the mirror. Has the function of the mirror after natural don't need to take a mirror to increase their luggage. In fact this is a Gospel for a lot of beautiful lady. So, use the mirror of the membrane are predominantly women in general. Role is the mirror of the protective film, its reflective utility nature also exists the thermal effect, namely when the heat of the sun to shine on a mobile phone when protective film reflection out again, protect the pop-culture perpetuation of mobile phones.
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