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What is the formula for the production of polyethylene high luminous efficiency film?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-14


In the formula, LDPE ( IFTB produced by Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co. , Ltd)And LLDPE (FG-20, Saudi Arabia)Co-mixing is the main material; Light conversion agent is the key auxiliary agent in the formula, and products from the Institute of Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences can be selected; The thermal insulation material can choose phosphoric acid hydride and inorganic oxide, which form an infrared shielding layer in the film, thus preventing the heat in the greenhouse from being lost in the form of long-wave infrared rays and achieving the thermal insulation effect; Anti-aging agent selection GW-540, the chemical name is Sany ( 1,2, 2,6, 6 One-Five Methyl piperidinyl) Phosphite is a hindered amine light stabilizer, and its light stabilization effect is 2 ~ of that of General ultraviolet absorber ~ 4 times, suitable for PE, but also has good thermal oxidation resistance and low toxicity. The typical formula is shown in Table 6-9.

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