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What is the difference between tarpaulins, tarps, canvas is?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-29
What is the difference between tarpaulins, tarps, canvas is? According to the development of recent years, all kinds of tarpaulins USES broad, so more widely used cloth and so on also gradually USES the least, and in this process, many years people often ask what is the difference between cloth, canvas, canvas cloth are? In fact the traditional cloth ( yóubù) Refers to the oil to form a kind of cloth and cloth, usually obtained by fabric oiled. Generally a one-time abandoned. Has been widely used in the production of life. But along with the progress of the era, traditional cloth cannot satisfy people on the oilcloth performance requirements. Our new research and development of canvas, PVC coated wire cloth) People also call his cloth and tarpaulins, there are three fabric. It has excellent thermal performance, 100% waterproof canvas. Lightweight, durable, life of 6 ~ 8 years; Waterproof windproof, warm warm effect, this product also has the aging resistant, antistatic etc; And this product breaking strength, elongation and tear strength is superior to the traditional cloth greatly. 1. Thickness: 0. 4毫米的0。 45毫米0。 48毫米0。 5毫米0。 6毫米2。 G: g - 500 3 720 grams/square metre. Color: green, yellow, white blue green 4. Commonly used specifications: 1. 3 m 1. 5 meters 1. 7 m 1. 83 m 2 m 2. 1 m 2. 5 m 3 m ( Other wide processing customized) 5. Product features: 100% waterproof, hardy, windproof, sun protection, ageing resistance, resistance to acid and alkali, warm 6. The characteristics: the product has no smell, less oil, wireless head and expression is smooth, not easy to glue falling, long service life. We are specializing in the production of tent manufacturer, has wide USES in the tarpaulin products. 1. Can do all kinds of shutter farms, pig farms, cattle, poultry farm, etc. 2. As a station wharf harbor airport open-air warehouse stacking cover content with. 3. Can build temporary silos open cover with 4 and various kinds of crops. For electric power construction site construction site and other sites makeshift sheds, temporary warehouse materials. 5. Available cars, trains, ships, cargo freight tarpaulin 6. Available packaging machinery packaging machine, etc. Contact: manager zhao http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/tarpaulin, tarpaulin factory telephone: 13754728822 WeChat ID: 13754728822
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