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What is the difference between tarpaulins and tarpaulin? _ industry dynamic

by:LINYANG     2020-03-27
What is the difference between tarpaulins and tarpaulin? I believe that the problem for most people, don't know much about the. Actually, want to find out in addition to the tent and the difference between a tarpaulin, first to clear up tent and loose. This problem can check the dictionary, I believe you the query results and I are the same. Peng, perennial herbaceous plants, flowers white, yellow, like a willow leaves, cafa hairy ( Also called 'fleabane') : ~ door. Heart ~ ( 'Loose' heart is narrow and winding, yu MaoSai of the mind. Self depreciatory expression, to his knowledge sets out, stupid) 。 Urn 牗 ~. ~ (in raw hemp Metaphors in good growth environment, the natural will be affected by the good) 。 ~ piper brightness ( Make oneself have. Self depreciatory expression, which is used to praise others articles such as calligraphy and painting gift or guests visit) 。 Shelter and sunshine, with bamboo sticks, reed mat, cloth etc: ~. To the cloth. Car ~. ~. Found out to believe everybody knows. Don't have to explain, simple. Peng mean generally related to the the appearance of the herbs. Do modifier component s word and tent, tent is a kind of weaving, cloth or something like shed.
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