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What is the difference between static film and adhesive protective film?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-01
In the protective film industry, electrostatic membrane protective film is the most widely contact with glue and two kinds of protective film, and was often the reception customer, customer confusion between the two kinds of protective film, protective film products are not familiar with the customer at the beginning of the consultation, are not sure you need is electrostatic membrane or ordinary adhesive protective film. Let's learn more about the distinction between electrostatic film and adhesive protective film. First of all, we must understand that their products need protective film is what material, the second is to with glue or without glue, PE and PP material of the protective film without glue is electrostatic membrane - — , of course, also have PET material with glue electrostatic film, PET protective film without a rubber material for the mold. Below we talk about PET electrostatic membrane have what special function. 1, the use of raw materials for type high transparent PET material imported from Japan, protective film on the surface of the high wear-resisting scratch-resistant flowers, wear-resisting degree is high, dustproof, prevent fingerprints. Specially the fingerprint processing, the product has excellent fingerprint resistance, attached to the screen above the fingerprint is not easy to distinguish, also easy to clean. Protective film surface by high wear-resisting scratch-resistant flowers to 3 h hardness, high pure material, no rainbow. 2, electrostatic protective film, the use of special silicone, extremely good bubble prevention function. Special electrostatic adsorption, silica gel, can be washed. 3, durable, can be repeatedly paste, prolong the service life of equipment of the screen, and increase the height and screen resolution, all-round protection to the screen. Suitable for all kinds of smart phones, tablet PC, laptop, PDA, GPS, etc. High quality new protection, fashion, tide, adding fresh elements to your life.
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