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What is the difference between Oxford cloth and canvas?

by:LINYANG     2022-12-04
Both Oxford cloth and canvas are very common and widely used fabrics, and many canvas manufacturers can provide them in large quantities. What is the difference between Oxford cloth and canvas? Definition of Oxford cloth and canvas: The origin of Oxford cloth is France, and its name is also related to the famous Oxford University in France. Whether it is its function or use, it is the most extensive one so far, and its types are also more. , such as some full bombs or nylons that are already on the market. Canvas is a kind of cotton or hemp fabric that looks rough and heavy. It originated from sails and is divided into thick canvas and thin canvas. Different canvases also have different functions. But the color is much worse than Oxford cloth, it is easier to fade and the color is dull, the fabric is thicker and the hand feel is rougher. The difference between the two and the principle of selection: In terms of the firmness of the two fabrics, they are relatively strong, but they are not the same material after all, so there are differences between them. In terms of wear resistance, Oxford Cloth is better. Moreover, the adaptability of Oxford cloth is also relatively large. If the economy is considered, the price difference between the two is relatively large. If you want to be economical and affordable, choose Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth can be used in all walks of life. In general, canvas and oxford cloth have their own application characteristics and scope of application. As a large-scale canvas manufacturer, LINYANG can currently provide a variety of different types of fabrics in large quantities, and can also be customized according to needs. Customers in need are welcome to contact us!
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