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What is the classification of car ceilings?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-21


Car ceiling interior can be divided into three types: Bonded ceiling ( The foam pad with the skin is directly attached to the inside of the roof), Ceiling shed and shaped ceiling ( Fix the formed ceiling by inlaying and bonding). Each ceiling has some advantages and disadvantages, which should be selected according to the car.

bonding ceiling is the simplest ceiling in structure by bonding the ceiling material to the roof plate. Ceiling materials are generally composed of skin materials and gaskets, and skin materials can be non-woven fabrics, fabrics or pvc Films. The gasket is made of foam plastic, and the skin material and the gasket are usually combined into a whole and then pasted on the roof. The thickness of the pad depends on the selection of the skin material. When selecting the non-woven fabric and the fabric skin, in order to prevent the penetration of the glue, the thickness of the village pad should be greater than 6mm.

How much do you know about the classification of car ceilings

The bonded ceiling is light, cheap and has good sound insulation effect. Because it is close to the roof plate, the ceiling of this structure has poor heat insulation effect and is glued on the assembly line. The working environment is harsh and time-consuming, requiring skilled operators to ensure the flatness of the ceiling. Due to structural reasons, the top cover reinforcement beam can only be exposed to the outside, and the surface effect is not good.

The ceiling is to fix the front end of the ceiling, and then insert the support strip into the hole of the inner plate of the top cover side beam through the support strip arranged in the hanging bag made of the ceiling material, turn over and fix it on the top cover, the back end is hung on the rear window or the fixing plate installed on the window with a special support strip, and the two sides are fixed with plastic card strips and double-sided adhesive tape. Because the ceiling is hoisted in the middle of the ceiling, it is called the ceiling. The ceiling materials of the ceiling can be modified pvc film, artificial leather or knitted fabric. Because the ceiling shed does not have sound insulation performance, it is necessary to stick a silencer pad on the roof, and the top cover silencer pad can also prevent the overturn of the brace. The material of the silencer pad is generally recycled fiber felt.

The price of the ceiling is moderate and soft. The installation of the ceiling shed is time-consuming and laborious, and the labor intensity is high. It also requires the assembly workers to have skilled assembly technology. The ceiling of this structure has higher requirements on the lateral dimensional accuracy of the car body and the dimensional accuracy of the braces, and when the deviation is large, the roof will collapse.

the forming process of the forming ceiling depends on the material of the base material, and most of them adopt the blank formed by superimposing the skin material and the ceiling base material, according to the shape of the roof and the processed design, the roof is formed by a mold, and the forming roof is also made by pouring method or paste method. After the molding ceiling is shaped and shaped by the mold, it can maintain the shape of the design and has certain rigidity and toughness.

currently, ceiling sheds and shaped ceilings are mostly used in cars. In recent years, as there are more and more types of forming ceiling substrates, the range of choices for different models has gradually expanded. Therefore, the formed ceiling is expected to replace other types of ceilings.

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