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What is the best fabric for raincoat

by:LINYANG     2020-06-09
What is a raincoat? What is the best fabric for a raincoat? What are the common fabrics of modern raincoats? Raincoats are rain-proof clothing made of waterproof fabrics. Waterproof fabrics suitable for raincoats include tape, oil cloth and plastic film. Modern raincoat waterproof fabrics focus on breathability, such as special nylon and Gore-Tex. Breathable raincoats help people get hot and humid moisture out of the raincoat when wearing rain protection, increasing warmth. In 1747, the French engineer Francois Freno made the world ’s first raincoat. He used to obtain latex from rubber wood. After putting the cloth shoes and jackets in this latex solution to stop the dip coating, he could To the role of waterproofing. McIntosh, who works at a rubber plant in Scotland, was unable to purchase rain gear due to a difficult life. On rainy days, he could only work in the rain. One day, he carelessly dipped the rubber juice in his underwear, and could not wipe it off. He had to wear the dirty clothes to go home. It was rainy outdoors. McIntosh returned home but was surprised to find that the clothes he wore were not Wet, he simply filled the whole body with rubber juice, this is the world's first tape raincoat. Since then, McIntosh devotes himself to the development of rainproof cloth, and finally made the first waterproof cloth capable of making clothes for the first time in 1832. The method he used was to dissolve the elastic rubber with volatile oil and sandwich it between the two layers of cloth, but this rubberized cloth would become brittle and hard in winter, and sticky and smelly in summer.
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