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What is the antioxidant for PVC film additives?

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
The antioxidant of PVC film additive is a kind of chemical substance. When it is only a small amount in the polymer system, it can delay or inhibit the oxidation process of the polymer, thereby preventing the aging of the polymer and prolonging its service life. Known as 'anti-aging agent'.

Broadly speaking, most of the weak reducing agents are antioxidants, which are only suitable for different industrial uses. Weak reducing agents with high chemical and physical stability, or low toxicity, can be used cleverly in formulations as antioxidants. For example: Citric acid is a weakly reducing organic acid. We can apply it to beverage formulations to act as an antioxidant; foods are prone to oxidative deterioration if they are placed for a long time, so a small amount of antioxidants can be added to extend their storage Time: Polymer materials such as plastics, synthetic fibers and rubber are prone to thermal oxidative degradation reactions. The addition of antioxidants can maintain the excellent performance of polymer materials and prolong their service life.
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