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What is pvc Heat Shrinkable packaging film?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-07


pvc Heat Shrinkable packaging film is a relatively traditional food Heat Shrinkable packaging film. It has been deeply loved for its good packaging stiffness and good shrinkage effect, it is mainly used for heat shrinkage of biscuits and other products. It also has a bad side: the residual smell is large, and it is easy to break after the seasonal temperature becomes cold, there is also the safety of pvc as a direct contact with food, so some food companies use POF Heat Shrinkable film instead, its advantages are: no bad smell, good flexibility, not easy to break, the safety is high, and its disadvantage is that the degree of heat shrinkage is worse than that of PVC and even the stiffness is worse. In short, its advantages are still greater than its disadvantages, and it is widely used in shrink packaging of biscuits, instant noodles and other foods.

What is pvc Heat Shrinkable packaging film

characteristics of pvc Heat Shrinkable packaging film: pvc Heat Shrinkable packaging film is formed by mixing vinyl PVC resin with more than ten kinds of auxiliary materials and then blowing up for the second time, it is characterized by good transparency, high strength, easy shrinkage, free adjustment of shrinkage rate according to user needs, and strong operability.

Product Category: The product is divided into ordinary grade, medical grade, high strength grade, and can be made into tubular membrane, L-shaped folding membrane and single film, and can be processed into a tube bag, a flat pocket, a trapezoidal bag, a circular arc bag, etc.

pvc Heat Shrinkable packaging film Application Scope: widely used in food, medicine, clothing, building materials, dairy products, metal products, glass, ceramics, daily chemicals, beverages, etc.

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