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What is PVC Heat Shrinkable film?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-07


PVC Heat Shrinkable film is made by mixing vinyl pvc resin with more than ten kinds of auxiliary materials and then blowing up for the second time, it is characterized by good transparency, easy shrinkage, high strength, free adjustment of shrinkage rate according to user needs, and strong operability.

What is PVC Heat Shrinkable film

1. PVC shrink film is a double-layer Tube film with two sides sealed and two sides open, which is brittle and hard. When you choose, Please measure the circumference of the largest part of the product so as not to buy a shrink film that is too small to fit in. The best width of the film = half of the circumference 2 ~ 3cm (Small size products relaxed 1 cm).

2. After the product is wrapped, put it into a Heat Shrinkable machine or blow it with a hair dryer (Generally more than 1800 watts), Can shrink. At this time, the film will be tightly attached to the surface of the product, and you can stop according to the satisfaction. (Someone asked if a special hot air gun is better? In fact, it is more recommended to use hair dryers and hair dryers that are usually cheap. Generally, the temperature of hot air guns is not easy to grasp at home, it is easy to make the surface of the film unevenly heated, and it is easy to blow the film or not beautiful. If you are professional and require fast speed, the hot air gun is certainly better.

3. The bag put into the product has obvious Four Corners. At this time, you can cut it on the side and remove the corners (This step should be completed before contraction). If you want to form a rounded corner, you only have to cut it a few times.

4. Some customers confuse shrink film with plastic wrap. It should be noted that PVC shrink film is thicker, harder and brittle than plastic wrap. It is not wrapped on the surface of the product like plastic wrap. It needs hot air to shrink it. The packaged product is very beautiful.

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