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What is acrylic epoxy anti-aging agent?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-07


in the PVC film formula, epoxy value is added at 0. For acrylic epoxy resin with an average molecular weight of more than 01 and an average molecular weight of more than 2000, the addition of anti-aging agent can improve the weather resistance of the film and prevent the aging and discoloration of the contact between the film and the steel bracket.

plastic greenhouses or greenhouses use steel bars or angle irons as the skeleton. When plastic films are used to cover such plastic greenhouses or greenhouses, due to sunlight, the temperature of the metal frame is particularly high. In the midsummer season, the temperature at the contact between the film and the steel frame can be as high as 80℃. Such a high temperature has a serious thermal aging effect on the film, and steel has a catalytic aging effect on the plastic. Therefore, the film in contact with the steel frame will quickly turn brown and embrittlement, and it is easy to be torn by the wind. This phenomenon is called the color burning phenomenon. The cause of color burning is the lack of heat resistance and weather resistance of agricultural films.

What is acrylic epoxy resin anti-aging agent

In the past, the methods to prevent color burning are :(1) Increase the amount of heat stabilizer and light stabilizer in the film; (2) Apply white paint or silver paint containing aluminum powder or white pressure sensitive adhesive tape to the film part in contact with the steel frame. However, in the former method, the addition amount of various light stabilizers and heat stabilizers has a certain limit, and if it exceeds the limit, it will seep out or be opaque; The latter method increases the cost and labor of the greenhouse, expands the shade area in the plastic shed, and hinders the photosynthesis of plants. For this reason, acrylic epoxy resin can be added to improve the heat resistance of the film and avoid color burning.

In pvc film, adding acrylic epoxy resin has the following three advantages:

(1) The additive is not easy to seep out to the surface of the film and will not damage the transparency of the film.

(2) It is not easy to gel when mixing, and the surface of the film is smooth after molding.

(3) The film and acrylic resin coating have excellent adhesion, and are especially suitable for coating acrylic paint on the surface to become excellent dustproof films.

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