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What benefit glass explosion-proof membrane can bring to life

by:LINYANG     2020-03-09
Glass explosion-proof membrane, is for the automotive and household with a protective layer, to satisfy the people living in the environmental protection and elegant environment. In a word, his presence makes office and residential environment had the very big improvement. You may wonder, what's the basis of explosion-proof membrane receive such a high evaluation, a thin layer of plastic film, it can solve the problem of how many, below small make up a detailed list for everyone: energy conservation - Heat insulation, Cut off 40% - 85% of the sun's heat) , heat preservation, Winter heat preservation rate of 15% 30%) , so can save you a air conditioning power consumption by about 30%; Environmental protection - From more than 99% of the ultraviolet ray, prevent fade curtain, furniture, carpet, etc; Explosion-proof - Safety film per square centimeter of tension resistance up to 2000 kg; Security - Thieves often made of glass doors and Windows into homes or places of business, security film has the effect such as preventing; The broken - Sticker 4 - glass strength is common glass Glass 20 times, meet the national safety standards, completely prevent sputtering; Heat - General glass does not have the high temperature performance, security film the melting point of 400 degrees Celsius, and has the function of flame retardant; Surface scratch proof ( Relative to other film and coated glass) , scrub resistance, acid and alkali resistant, fire prevention, prevent leakage; Stop light glare - Has the incomparable sun curtain control function, reduce light pollution; One-way perspective - Build private internal space, but not influence you to appreciate the beautiful outdoor landscape. Explosion-proof membrane has the advantages of such a large, how could that be popular? Stick a explosion-proof membrane, although not completely to ensure the safety of live your life, but from the Angle of prevention, it is a effective way to reduce the damage.
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