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What are the uses of different construction tents?

by:LINYANG     2020-05-28
Today, I will briefly introduce the different applications of different construction tents. Roof-shaped tent: the top is a herringbone tube rack as a support. The middle beam is connected. This is also your most popular tent. Dome-shaped tent: Dome-shaped tent, also known as yurt, adopts double pole cross support, which is more convenient for disassembly and assembly. Hexagonal tent: Use three or four pole support, pay attention to the stability of the tent. Bottom-shaped tent: After the construction is completed, like a turned boat, the design is also focused on wind protection. This type of tent is also one of the more common. The design principle is different, and the season of use is different. The single-layer tent used in summer has good ventilation and poor rain resistance, and can only resist some light rain. There are also three seasons of tents that cannot be used in winter. Generally, the three season tents are double-layered, with good ventilation and good rain resistance. There are also four-seater tents, which are made of better materials and can accumulate snow up to 20 cm. The wind resistance is also better than other tents. The classification of tents is divided into alpine-shaped and tourist-type. Alpine-type tents are mainly suitable for harsh climatic conditions due to the high mountain airflow. The performance focuses on wind and rain, the materials are more sophisticated, and the production process is more complicated. Suitable for complex environments. Tourist tents are designed for general outings or camping. In the selection of materials, more attention is paid to economic type, and the process is relatively simple. The adaptable temperature of the tent can be divided into a single-layer tent, which is a single-layer fabric, which is light, economical, and simple to make, and is suitable for summer or areas with warm temperatures. The difference between double-layer tents is that there is a layer of breathable lining, which solves the problem of water on the inner wall of each tent of a bicycle. The three-layer tent, which adds cotton on the basis of the double-layer tent, enhances the warming effect and is mainly used in severe cold areas. The materials of general tents are galvanized round tubes and painted square tubes. The quality of the galvanized round pipe is better. The difference from the square pipe is that the round pipe has a ground beam under the ground, which is more stable.
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