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What are the structural characteristics of civil tents?

by:LINYANG     2020-05-31
(1) Tent specifications: common specifications 5X8 5X6 5X4 3X4. (2) The tent has a reasonable structure, is safe and reliable to use, and can withstand 8-level wind and 8 cm thick snow load at the same time. (3) The tent adopts a steel frame structure, which is simple in structure and convenient to open and close. It can be erected or withdrawn after about 20 minutes / 4 people. (4) Tent (a total of two pieces of cloth bag + steel frame), the packaging volume is 0.8 cubic meters, all the parts are all packed in the cloth bag, the shape is regular, and it is convenient for long-distance carry or short-distance transportation by car. (5) The top fabric of the tent is military green three-proof cloth, and the gable and fence fabrics are military green cow canvas (winter warm and summer cool), with felt in the middle, lined with white cloth, and the workmanship is based on military tents. The window is provided with gauze, which has functions of anti-mosquito and ventilation. (6) It has the functions of waterproof and mildew resistance, and has the characteristics of light weight, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, convenient washing and folding. The tent roof should avoid collision with sharp metal utensils during use. If there is any damage during use, you can use glue to repair the stain.
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