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What are the requirements for pvc film during processing

by:LINYANG     2020-06-28

As the main material in plastics, pvc is undoubtedly a material with high plasticity. It is also the main form of plastic films at present, such as pvc film. As a material with large hardness changes, its value in plastics is not more than Ethylene is poor. As a highly moldable material, in fact, its material quality is very critical, because it is often present in cities, in our lives and work, so the quality of its products is Need protection. At present, in addition to the use of PVC film, PVC particles and colloidal particles are also used in our lives. Therefore, it is of great significance to improve the quality of PVC colloidal particles. 

What should we start from? 

1. Input the materials according to the specified feeding order. Generally, the stabilizer is added first and poured at the valve. 

2. To prevent phenomena such as raw meal and uneven mixing. (Generally, the cylinder should be scanned once after the powder is added, and then started at a low speed. The plasticizer should be added after the powder is mixed evenly. Then, the cylinder should be scanned before the second oil is added, and then the oil should be started. Open the lid and stir at low speed for 1-2 minutes to remove volatiles. 

3. The control of the beating time and temperature is treated differently according to the specifications of the rubber material. The principle is to ensure that the materials are mixed evenly, and the plasticizer is fully absorbed, without raw powder and without agglomeration. Scan the cylinder frequently when beating. 

4. The process control of the extruder should also be treated differently according to the different specifications of the rubber material. In principle, the material temperature should be gradually increased from the feeding section, the compression section, the gelatinization section, and the forming section. The tape can be properly lowered under the premise of bright appearance. The general principle is to ensure that the rubber compound gels evenly and well, without raw material, scorch and agglomeration. 

5. Strictly use and accurately weigh the materials in strict accordance with the recipe specified in the project, and it is not allowed to change the dosage or substitute raw materials without authorization. 

6. Beaters should pay attention to check the valve frequently to prevent leakage of powder due to poor sealing of the valve.

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